Bardroy (バルドロイ Barudoroi), nicknamed Bard for short, is the personal chef to Ciel Phantomhive. His name is Bardroy, nicknamed Baldo, in the American manga.


Like the other Phantomhive servants, he has a great deal of respect, and a bit of fear, for Sebastian Michaelis. He is also exceedingly loyal to Ciel, and does his best to please both.

He is always excited about being able to help, and works hard to attempt to be of use, typically with disastrous results. He usually cooks with a flamethrower or blowtorch, which usually results in some form of explosion. Sebastian states that he is an idiot, whose cooking results in 80 percent charcoal and 20 percent broken dishes.

When Ciel and Sebastian are not around, he seems to be in charge of the other servants to a certain degree, such as when he issued orders for the attack against the first-tier circus members.


Bardroy is an American with messy blond hair and blue-grey eyes. He almost always has a cigarette dangling out of his mouth, goggles hanging loosely around his neck and wears a typical chef's outfit, including a long apron. He is 181cm (5'11") tall.


Not much is known about his past, other than he is an American who was involved in war. In the anime, this information is expanded to include that he was a sergeant in an army, and was shown to have exceptional planning, foresight and fighting skills. After a particularly bad fight, where he was the only survivor, Sebastian approached him and offered him a job at the Phantomhive manor.

As a result of these experiences, he tends to keep high-powered weapons on hand and puts things in terms of war, such as when he called mice "the enemy," the manor "the battlefield," and the hunt to catch them "a fight." Like the others, he is recruited by Sebastian, but it is unknown precisely why he chose to go work for Ciel Phantomhive.