She'll walk all over you...then profusely apologize.

Tojo Haya is a regular supporting character in the ani-manga series Tona-Gura!. She appears only in the manga, specifically the chapters that could be said to take place after the anime's run is done, though the two versions don't synch up precisely. A professional photographer, she made the great error of agreeing to take on the work of her absent senpai (Senior, a very important relationship in Japan) Kagura, while he was away overseas. As his children, Kagura Yuuji and Kagura Marie could have told her, their father's reliablity and stability are massively lacking-one of the few things the two agree on. After six months, the extra workload simply became too much, and coupled with Kagura-San's casual extension of his time away, Haya decided to seek out his children for some sort of aid or relief.

Approaching the house where the Kaguras were staying, Haya was spotted and nearly taken out by the ever-vigilant, militant Marie. Nervously entering the house, she and the Kaguras took an especially frustrating phone call from Kagura-San. Introduced to the Kaguras' childhood friends Arisaka Kazuki and Arisaka Hatsune, she is quick to snap their pictures despite protests from the two sisters. Haya began a downward slide in the estimation of the ladies in Yuuji's life that she has yet to recover from. Kazuki's annoyance at her pushiness and intrusiveness is espcially strong. On a basic level, she is for taking unsolicited pictures what Yuuji is/can be for grabbiness. Her nerves often make her exceedingly clumsy as well, placing her in less than dignified circumstances.

Haya was at first a great boost to Yuuji's hopes of becoming a professional photographer himself, offering him a position in order to help with the workload left by his father. However, after reviewing his best work, she tactlessly proclaimed it the work of an amateur, if not a layman, not only shooting Yuuji down hard, but further earning the enmity of his friends and family, for whom Yuuji's talent and drive in photography was a positive and redemptive quality. To everyone's surprise, Yuuji agreed to work for Haya in any capacity she would need, even to simple labor needed about the studio, simply to be near professional photographers at work in hopes of picking up their methods and techniques. The two immediately went on a troubled journey to a nearby island, where a storm interrupted the shoot and where a call home from Yuuji was cut off, badly worrying everyone, but especially Kazuki, who would of course not admit it. Upon his return home, Yuuji revealed that the pay-phone he had been using was deliberately destroyed by Haya in a fit of anger.

It was revealed, and has been seen again since, that Haya, though nervous and exceedingly polite socially, is an absolute tyrant of a boss, belittling and insulting her staff, and demanding no breaks for them. Some choice comments by Suzuharu Chihaya and Isokawa Nina confirmed that this has left her with no real friends among Yuuji's circle. Hatsune, while never one to lose her temper, quickly derailed Haya from a tyrannical, self-serving proclamation by basically demanding that, in any such future crisis, Yuuji be allowed to call home. Haya quickly reverted to her default social self and issued apologies that seemed to help her not at all. Again, Yuuji surprised his circle by refusing to quit what he sees as his chance to obtain his dream.

Yuuji more or less works for Haya as a gopher, a thankless position even without Haya's nature. But some of the results have been positive. His technique as a photographer does begin to improve (vastly, to hear his friends tell it; barely to hear Haya tell it). His work as a gopher permits Haya's former gopher to become a full time photographer, thus fulfilling the original intent of his hiring in some respects. His drive and willingness to do what he had to in pursuit of his dream pushed Kazuki to fight harder for her own goals, and in turn this was a catalyst for Yuuji to finally say something to Kazuki that, unlike times past, she actually saw as a compliment. This may have been the final step in the two beginning a real relationship, although now Yuuji's work, instead of his behavior, gets in the way of things moving forward. Haya has also shown the capacity to step back from her tyrant role to that of beneficent dictator, and revealed she is in fact thankful for his help, even offering a bit of advice in seeking Kazuki.

It is hard to tell whether Haya is sexually attracted to the female gravure idols she takes pictures of (This includes the reluctant Arisaka sisters) or if she is simply so committed to her art that creating the sexy poses she captures to razored perfection is itself her passion. Haya is neither the fool nor the monster she can often appear to be, and has several good qualities, including deep gratitude for those that aid her, however she expresses it. But as both Tona-Gura!'s young lovers have learned, dealing with her as enabler or obstacle will invariably lead at some point to rolling your eyes over something she says or does.