Joey Wheeler


Joey Wheeler

Birth date

January 25




Yugi Muto, Téa Gardner

Voice actor USA

Wayne Grayson

Japanese name

Katsuya Jonouchi

Joey Wheeler is a character from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series and good friend of Yugi Muto.


Despite having been a bit of a bully to Yugi in the past, by the time the series starts, he is Yugi's friend and steadfast ally as Yugi attempts to rescue his Grandfather Solomon Moto from a scheme set up Seto Kaiba. From then on, as tournaments and the world-shaking implications of each one all but run their lives, Joey is almost never to be found anywhere but Yugi's side. While he lacks the sheer cardplaying combat genius of their friend and his great enemies, Joey moves from mistakes like over-reliance on the raw power of monster cards only to being capable of the occasional surprise.

At the tournament sponsored by Pegasus, Joey struggles to win prize money needed for an operation to restore his sister's sight. It is during this event that he meets the beautiful, flirty and pushy Mai Valentine, with whom he develops a push-pull kind of romance, with Mai ending up giving Joey her prize money.


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