Calm, cool, collected...sort of.

Kurogane Isamu
is a character in the anime Go Lion. Originally from Earth, he joined his four fellow space explorers in being captured by the Galra Empire after their horrific discovery that Earth had been all but destroyed by nuclear war. He also joins them in escaping Galra's barbaric prisons and fleeing to Planet Altea, where the five become pilots for the Lion ships that form the legendary super-robot Go Lion. Arguably the team's best pilot, he is not always comfortable with his role as perpetual second to his friend and commander, Kogane Akira, particularly in the case of the attentions of Altean ruler Princess Fala, who joins their team following the loss of one of their teammates. His grumbling, impatience and risk-taking in battle has earned him the team nickname Moody. He pilots the Red Lion.

While seeming to border on the mutinous with his questioning of Kogane's commands, Kurogane in fact serves as a needed foil to a commander who knows his team might question him anyway, especially in the worst situations. It's not that Kurogane is openly contemptuous of Kogane, and nor is he faking his insubordination. He merely knows the lines he can and cannot cross, though even in this he sometimes goes too far. He is not one to take slights or taunts lightly, and was furious when Raible tried to arrest the team rather than let them fly to see Earth's final moments. He is also prone to be flustered by Galran Prince Imperial Sincline. If Kogane is Sincline's better in hand-to-hand combat, Kurogane is not, though most opponents are likely to be flattened by any member of the team. Like the others, despite his feelings for Princess Fala, he is apt to be harsh with her when she makes an error, something the team can not afford against a relentless and ruthless set of foes. Kurogane is often too quick to seek single combat with Sincline or Honerva, two deadly opponents who often overwhelm him completely. Happily, he does not have such a raging ego that he cannot laugh at himself, or his own battery of mistakes. When he pushes back the hardest against Kogane, it is probably then that he is listening the most intently. Kurogane is the one often called upon when something thought to be impossible must be done.

Kurogane is perhaps the most similar of all the characters to his Voltron counterpart, Lance.