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Masamune Date
Masamuna Date

Musamune Date

Gender Male
Age 19
Video game first appearance Sengoku BASARA

Masamune Date (伊達 政宗) is one of the main characters from Sengoku BASARA Series. Masamune has medium length dark chocolate brown hair, and a blue-brown eye. He wears a helmet with a golden crecent moon,a black eye patch and an azure outfit. His weaponary consists of six swords; only against his toughest opponets does he actually draw all six of his "claws". (The sheaths of his swords resemable dragon's wings.)

Masamune usually smirks, even in the face of a most powerful enemy, (except against Nobunaga and his evil generals) and he makes carefree remarks about a battle being a 'party'; however, he does take things seriously.


Yeah I Rule!
Date Masamune is the cool, hip, energetic, and fearless leader of the Date Clan of Oshu.

He's the same in the anime; an awesome and cool leader. His horse even has motorcycle handles coming from it's mane. In the Japanese version of the anime, Masamune speaks a mixture of Japanese and English, as he'll say "Let's party!" before he engages a strong opponet. Off of the battlefield he is a little more quiet and resevered.

He has had a long standing rivalry against young warrior Sanada Yukimura of the Takeda Clan.

In Sengoku BASARA 3, the tides seem to be turning for this cocky and ambitious ruler. He fights the forces of Lord Hideyoshi, only to suffer a humiliating defeat to Ishida Mitsunari, which ends up bashing a huge blow to his ego. As he presuses Mitsunari to restore his honor after his "wings have been clipped", Masamune is constantly enraged by Mitsunari insisting on not having remembering his fight with him.

Here is an example of a confrontation between Date Masamune and Ishida Mitsunari .

Mitsunari- "You are..."

Masamune- "I lost against you at Odawara."

Mitsunari- "Ah... so that was you. What then? Did you come to lose again?"

Masamune- "It's ok, just say whatever you like. My reason for coming here is not revenge or anything. You're just a stepping stone for me. I came to say this. In other words, go to hell. Ok?"

Mitsunari- "Spare me all this nonsence. If you came to be killed... then I'll make sure your damn mouth stays shut from now on!"

Masamune- "Ooh, things are getting interesting! Let's see you do that... Ishida Mitsunari!"

Staring eye contest

His second in command, Katakura Kojuro, (also called his "right eye"), guides the young warrior through difficult tasks, and he prevents him from murdering his rival, Sanada Yukimura, in one of the alternative cinema scenes in Sengoku BASARA 3.


Yukimura Sanada

Yukimura Sanada is Masamune's rival.


"I'm good; real good."

"Not to worry; this dragon still got plenty of scales!"

"I am the one-eyed dragon!"

"How would you like to feel some dragon claws... ripping your flesh!"

"Stop it already, would ya?"

"Have I made you pround, Kojuro?"

"Look at you; you're damn chiper!"

"Put ya' guns on!"

"The Blue Dragon of the North has come to conquer!"

"Mitsunari, do I really need a reason to kill you?"

"Hurry up and die already, would ya?"

"Piece of cake."

"Go easy on me... hahaha!"

"Rest in peace..."




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  • Masamune and Sonic the Hedgehog have a lot in common, as they both use a lot of English in the Japanese version of the games.
  • The rivalry between Masamune and Mitsunari is similar to Dante and Vergil's of the Devil May Cry series.
  • Reuben Langdon is the voice actor for both Masamune (Sengoku BASARA; Samurai Heroes) and Dante (Devil May Cry 3 and 4.)

Other Referances

This article is on the Sengoku BASARA take on the Japanese general, Date Masamune. If you want to read about the real person, here is a link.

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