Do not let her even think you mean harm to just won't go well.

Kagurazaki Miyabi is a regular supporting character in the ani-manga romance series, Ai Yori Aoshi. She is employed by the Sakurubas to oversee the rearing and general well-being of Sakuruba Aoi, their daughter and only child. Obedient to a fault to the Sakurubas, only one thing will keep her from fulfilling their wishes in all things : if their wishes should somehow conflict with Aoi's happiness.

Miyabi's family were for generations loyal servants to the wealthy and powerful Sakurubas, so when her parents died in an accident, that they would take care of the young girl was a given. Miyabi was given charge over the infant Aoi and became her instructor and mentor in all things. Despite their relative social positions, Aoi was like as not to obey Miyabi as a third parent, and it was from her Aoi learned all the lessons of becoming a Yamato Nadeshiko, the perfect Japanese wife, and Miyabi watched with pride when the young Aoi was betrothed to Hanabishi Kaoru, heir to the wealthy and powerful Hanabishi Zaibatsu. Miyabi took pains to drive home the idea that Aoi was to devote her entire existence and being to the very idea of Kaoru. Even she could not realize just how deeply Aoi would take these lessons to heart.

One day, years later, came the news that Kaoru had spurned his family, causing his grandfather to cancel the engagement, something all found disturbing and Aoi found unthinkable. Though sheltered from the world, Aoi ventured forth to find the man she had been all but bred to marry. When she eventually contacted Miyabi after finding him, Miyabi was shocked to see that nothing she did or said or threatened could persuade Aoi to return, as she and Kaoru were now firmly in love. Consulting with the Lady Sakuruba, who had been like a mother to her, Miyabi was able to formulate a deal with terms by which the two could stay together while the family worked to change either Aoi's mind on marrying Kaoru or Kaoru's on not going back to his family. Miyabi was deeply suspicious of Kaoru's intentions towards Aoi, but slowly warmed to him as she learned of the abuse he had undergone in the name of his mother's memory and more pointedly as she realized that he, like herself, would die before allowing any harm to come to Aoi, and would hurt himself rather than ever hurt her in any way.

Miyabi dealt professionally with the complications that arose from the presence of Kaoru's friends Tina Foster, Minazuki Taeko, Miyuki Mayu, and Minazuki Chika, all of whom believed that Aoi was the landlady and Miyabi the manager of the place Kaoru rented from, this as per the agreement with the Sakurubas to keep the relationship a secret. Pressure continued to mount from Aoi's father to either get Kaoru to resume his place as heir to his grandfather, or to get Aoi to abandon Kaoru in favor of a new arranged marriage. When it became clear neither would happen, Miyabi's loyalties became divided between her generational service and her devotion to Aoi, and to Kaoru, who she saw as critical to Aoi's happiness. Even the other tenants, whom she once saw as interfering outsiders, were now more like her family. Miyabi obeyed the Sakurubas one last time, leading Aoi into a trap set by her father, and then either resigning or being fired from the family's service.

She also told everyone that they must vacate the property, and agreed to aid Kaoru in getting Aoi back. When the young couple ended matters by renouncing any and all claims to their families' wealth, Miyabi was pulled aside by Lady Sakuruba, who was in fact pleased that her fragile daughter had shown such strength of character. It is implied that Lady Sakuruba was not pleased with her husband lying about his health in order to entrap Aoi, and so obtained from him the ultimate reward for Miyabi's years of loyal service and devotion. The Sakurubas adopted her, and she became head of their business concerns, a job she has shown ample skill and talent for. When visited by Tina four years later, Taeko had become her assistant, and the ferret Uzume was still around as well, having become largely Miyabi's pet despite her initial dislike of the creature. So it was that the closest thing Aoi had to a sister became her sister for real.