Nohime is a charcter from the Sengoku BASARA Series. she was first introduced in the first Sengoku Basara. In Devil Kings, she is known as Lady Butterfly.

She uses western weapons (two guns) in battle.

In an episode, she disguised herself as a ninja and tried to kill Kenshin. In the end, she failed, but Kenshin was fatally wounded.

Nohime was killed but Lady Oichi. She shot at Oichi, and as she did, hands reached up to her and killed her.


Nobunaga OdaEdit

Nobunaga is Noime's husband.



  • Stephanie Young is Nohime's Voice Actress in the Sengoku BASARA Anime. Stephanie Young has also voiced many other Anime Characters.
  • Nohime really cares about Lord Nobunaga. but it is unknown if Nobunaga cares about her or if he has any love feelings.
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