Prince Soma
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Prince Soma

Prince Soma Asman Kadar (ソーマ アスマン カダール Sōma Asuman Kadāru), frequently shortened to Prince Soma or Soma, is the prince of Bengal, and is one of 26 children to the king of Bengal.


Soma is a self-absorbed, relatively naive, childish young adult. He is quick to blame other people for his problems, such as blaming Lord Harold West for Meena's "kidnapping." While he is able to take note of others' emotional states, such as noticing when Agni seemed to be bothered by something, he seems to be unwilling or afraid of bringing it up.

He cares deeply for Agni, as he views him as the one person who has never left his side, even when not by him. He also cares about impressing Ciel Phantomhive and convincing him to like him, as he refers to them as "best friends" and is overjoyed when Ciel even implies they are friends. However, he seems to be frightened of Sebastian Michaelis, as he is shown hiding behind Ciel when speaking to Sebastian and cowering in fear when Sebastian comes close. In general, though, he dislikes being alone and actively tries to get others' attention and company.

Later, he decides to work hard to earn things of his own and become a good man. With this new attitude, he tries very hard to be of use to his new English friends and is pleased whenever he learns he can help with a task.


Soma is a 17-year-old Indian with dark skin, golden eyes, and shoulder-length, purple hair. For accessories, he wears large, gold earrings, a gold clip to hold his ponytail and a decorative bindi. He wears a heavily embroidered sherwani, plain churidars and a variety of other accessories, such as a large scarf that is used like a belt and a long necklace.


In Bengal, as one of 26 children, his father wasn't interested in him and his mother was only interested in getting his father's attention. This left him very alone. Instead, he was entrusted to Meena's care, and has been with her for as long as he can remember. She was cheerful, spent time with him and acted like an older sister. When he was with her, he didn't feel lonely. It is because of this past that he goes to England to retrieve her.