Starting Out from Puroro Island starts off with Link and Aryll in Aryll's Lookout, with the title "Say Something". Aryll asks her older brother if he has forgotten, not giving any clue as to what he forgot. Link than drops to his knees begging for forgiveness for what he has done. Aryll then informs him that it is not that thing. The next page, titled "Wear This", features Link in his grandmother's house. He is given the Hero's Clothes and informed that she will be making his favorite soup for him and that he should not make that face. The next panels show Link with a broad grin on his face, him drooling, and his grandmother cleaning up the drool. The next page, titled "So You Want To Hold a Pig, Eh?", features Link and Abe by Abe's house catching a Pig. Link is crawling to catch the pig, but is focusing more on the soup. The next panel features Link and the infamous "Item Found" jingle, with a picture of soup. This panel leads into the next panel, where he has disturbed and angered the pig.
Starting Out from Outset Island
Starting Out from Puroro Island
Starting Out from Puroro Island
Starting Out from Puroro Island
Series The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Link's Logbook
Pages 18
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