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First Appearance

Kuroshitsuji I: Episode 1

Tanaka (タナカ Tanaka) is the steward of the Phantomhive household and has been working for them at least since Vincent Phantomhive was the head of the house. In the anime, he is also said to hold the position of executive director of Ciel Phantomhive's Funtom Company.

Character OutlineEdit


Tanaka in regular style

Tanaka is an elderly man with grey hair, mustache, and spectacles. He is seen wearing a clean suit and white gloves and is nearly always holding a cup of tea.

Frequently, he is drawn in a super deformed art style, which makes him appear much shorter than he is. When drawn in a regular style, he "grows" to his full height,

and is shown to be intelligent, knowledgeable, and capable. Others have been shown to stop and be quiet in order to listen to what he says. However, this is a rare occurrence, so when he does "transform" into a regular art style, it is also extremely shocking for the others.

He was injured in the past and presently does little work, but is frequently seen running around with Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian. Nonetheless, he seems to be highly respected by others, such as Sebastian Michaelis, who frequently tells him that he is doing just fine and Frances Middleford, who tells Sebastian and Ciel Phantomhive to "take a lesson from Tanaka" regarding their appearances. As he has not been seen saying or doing much, not much is known about his personality, other than that he is kind and loyal to Ciel and his guests and to the other servants. It is also known that despite the fact that he lets the others tell him what to do and he goes along with their plans, he is actually higher in authority than Sebastian. Also despite his age, he is shown to still be quite strong, such as effortlessly killing two First Tier performers as well as subduing a man who attempted to harm Ciel.


Tanaka was present when Ciel Phantomhive's family was murdered, and attempted to warn Ciel to escape. In doing so, an unseen attacker stabbed him from behind, severely injuring him. It is unknown how he escaped the mansion, which was later set on fire, or how he returned to work for Ciel.